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Serendipity - 2017

Our team has taken the idea of changing things up to heart. So, this year we are putting another big twist into our fund raising rides. We'll be doing 3 multi-day rides of at least 5 days and 50 miles each day. Team members will be able to choose which ride or rides they want to train for and participate in. Check out the rides in the schedule below.

2017 Ride Schedule and Planning

Week Long Rides

  • Washington D.C. Area - Rides will include the W&OD, segments of the C&O, a ride through their wine country and other local routes.
    •  April 3rd through the 7th
  • Yellowstone National Park - We will be staying in Cooke City, MT and making rides into Yellowstone each day.
    •  July 10 through the 15th 
  • Natchez Trace Parkway - Tupelo, MS to Natchez MS
    •  October 20-21 Nashville, TN to Tupelo, MS
    •  October 23-27 Tupelo, MS to Natchez, MS

 Monthly Rides

  • Cannon Valley Trail (40- 50 miles)
    •  May 20, Bench Street Trail Head, Red Wing, MN - 9:00 AM
  • Brown's Creek - Gateway Trail (40 miles)
    •  June 17, Stillwater, MN - 9:00 AM
  • Mississippi River Ride (50 miles)
    •  July 22, Battle Creek Park, Maplewood, MN - 9:00 AM
Other Proposed Ride/Routes