Team Members

To help keep each other sane and on track with the rigorous training required, we work closely to help each other push to the ride. With this comes some ribbing (or at least attempts at humor) which goes along way building a team that functions well.

After 10 days on the bike on our Texas trip, we started to give each other nicknames. They stuck and now we give every rider on the trek a nickname when they join the team. Nicknames are never permanent and can change whenever a team member does or says something memorable.

Being a team member is completely volunteer and requires a monetary and huge time commitment. ALL money raised by the team goes directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Each team member pays for all of their own expenses (training, equipment, food, travel).

Riding Members

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Nick Name


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Bob Nelson



(Clyde for short)


Bob as always provides a solid foundation for the team. His ability to set/maintain a pace and motivate others when the going gets tough has helped the team countless times to meet our goals. When asked why he rides these tours (which some call insane), his answer is "It's fun, for a great cause and because I can!". It was time to give Bob a new nickname since through his example several other team members started to DubCham it on rides. In cycling lingo, the term "Clydesdale" is reserved for large powerful riders (not fat, just big). 


Connie Pittman




Connie has been a supporter of Amanda in everything she has done. She and Marty have been on many cycling trips over the years. Like Amanda, she will be returning to the tour this year to get in some riding and teach Viktor the super important role of the SAG wagon.

Donna Owen 



 Katie Casci




We all guaranteed Katie that there would be no man eating cats along this year's ride (we didn't mention anything about alligators). Katie is one of the stokers riding with Marty again this year. We all look forward to the pictures and video (with commentary) she'll be capturing on our training and fund raising rides.

Mark Owen



Marty Pittman

Quick Draw


Marty has been an avid cyclist for many years. Marty plans to ride the entire tour. He's excited that the Co-Motion tandem will be coming along!

Marty's CFF Donation Page


Tony Casci



Tony is a math teacher in Red Wing, MN. We moved the tour to November this year to that Tony can come along and use the ride as a teaching tool for his math students.

Although Tony is a pretty hardcore bike rider he's even more into hockey. So, since the ride is late in the year, we're all going to keep an eye on him to make sure he wears his cycling shoes and not his hockey skates.

Supporting Members


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Allison Stalker


Fun Size


Allison won't be able to join the ride this year, but will be helping us with updating our web presence. Allison is also determined to find the cool "off the beaten path" tourist locals to make the trek even more memorable!


Amanda Casanova


The Director


Amanda was diagnosed with CF at the age of 2. She has been able to live a mostly normal life as a result of the CF Center at the U of M and the donations to the community from the CF Foundation. Amanda will be back on the tour this year with extra duties. Viktor will be assisting her when ever possible.

Ana Hayden

Black Knight

 Dan Stalker




Dan is Allison's husband and was a key player in the success of last year's ride. Dan had to multitask being the Jack of all trades on last year's ride, finalizing routes, driving a SAG wagon, bike mechanic and nutrition expert to mention a few! Like Allison, Dan is working on the logistics of working this years ride. We're keeping our fingers crossed that they can come along!

Gina Thurk 

(Little Engine That  Could)

 John Vetterkind

Kevin Thurk

Lori Vetterkind



Pat Casanova



Though being a new dad was very exciting for him last year, having to forego last year's ride was a real bummer! But as usual Pat is looking on the bright side and is putting in twice the effort for this year. (Partially because he loves bike riding and a bigger part is that he knows he's going to be pulling a huge drag chute behind the tandem - Viktor and his bike trailer).

Zerene Reyes

Steve Nelson

Tim Hayden


Viktor Casanova

Mr Fix-It
Viktor will be piloting his Burley bike trailer whenever Pat and Amanda join rides. He has shown a great ability to identify "Broke Wheels" and is always willing to help fix 'em.